"The Body Change Hospital" is a story about Carl Clarkson, who never felt comfortable

with his body. In year 2020 a new substance has been developed, which changes your DNA immediately even 

the slightest modifications are possible. Skin color, body shapes, or even your gender aren't a birth stigmata

anymore. After Carl hears about that possibilities, he instantly makes an appointment and is now only a few minutes away from his new life.

"The Body change hospital" contains :



  • 82MB (WMV) or 569MB (MP4) movie!

  • Sound effects

  • 2 characters

  • 3 minutes 23 seconds run-time 

  • Speech bubbles

  • Link to all single pages

  • 2 Scenes

  • 47 Pages 1080p  iRay rendered

  • Really explicit nude erotic scene

  • Detailed transformation (closeup camera)

  • Bonus preview clip ("The brothel witch" TG comic animation clip, 17seconds long)​

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