Surody's Comic Bundle #1 Contains:

  • Qetesh's Reincarnation

    • Qetesh’s Reincarnation is a 16-page, multi-paneled comic (64 panels). An explorer has discovered The Tomb of Qetesh. There’s an amulet within, The Amulet of Reincarnation. Should our intrepid voyager sell the amulet to make himself rich… or should he use the amulet to make himself immortal? Such an immense choice… if, in the end, he even gets to choose.

  • Sister's Stuff

    • Sister’s Stuff is a three-page, multi-paneled comic (30 panels). It’s a very simple story. A young woman tells her brother not to mess with any of the things in her bedroom while she’s gone for the weekend, but an instant after she closes the front door to their apartment, he’s in her room. He’s never thought about trying on her undergarments before, but it’s an extra-appealing idea, especially after the way she warned him not to mess with her stuff. What’s the worst that could happen?

  • Woman By Fullmoon

    • Woman by Full Moon is a 66-page, single panel comic. It’s got a fantasy setting, and opens with a man named Stetson. He’s sitting around with his pals at a tavern. Stetson loves to spin stories as they drink… but after he begins to convey his experiences with a curseling and an addled young lady, he discovers there are stories that even he’s too embarrassed to tell.

  • Morphing Potions

    • Morphing Potions is four multi-paneled pages (36 panels). A man has purchased three vials from a service called Morphing Potions. Each vial will transform him into a different kind of woman. These are temporary transformations, but can last for quite some time. Will he settle on being Afro-American (voluptuous), Brazilian (athletic) or Japanese (petite) for the next few days (or will it be weeks)?

  • Free Drinks 

    • Free Drinks is a nine-page, multi-paneled comic. I actually counted the panels, and there are 48 panels on the nine pages. It’s the simple story of a voluntary transformation. Frank likes girly drinks when he goes out… literal girly drinks! A Lady Sunshine Special, for instance, will cause some massive changes, and, well, let’s just say Frank won’t be paying for any drinks the rest of the night.

  • The Masturbation Curse

    • The Masturbation Curse a 53-page, single-panel comic. Ava is a beautiful young woman, but she suspects that her boyfriend is more interested these days in beating off to the internet than fucking her. She’s got powers and a unique way to learn for certain whether or not it’s the case!


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