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May 18, 2019


Hello all,

Sorry for the lack of updates, things have been hectic to say the least.


April was pretty tough. The first 2 weeks I barely got any sleep (3-4 hours daily) because the  rehabilitation work they're doing to my house were as bad as never before. They started to rework the rooftop rooms to make them rentable. Since I'm right below the rooftop I had to deal with like at least 80 decibels of drilling sounds the whole day, starting 7:30 a.m. in the morning from Monday to Saturday. That went on for the first 2 weeks of April. I even bought medication for sleeping but it didn't help.


Also decided on how I want to future projects to be handled by focusing on one major project at a time. 


That doesn't mean I don't have good news for everyone. I've started a new short comic called, "Mirror Image", currently there are 20 pages available. Also have a one page sequence available on patreon now. 


On the website front I've made a revamped comic page and removed the "WIP" tab so everyone can get more frequent news updates. 


Feedback is very much appreciated so if you have any other concerns or critiques please let me know. I appreciate you all very much and I'm doing a lot better.


Plans for May:

  • Finishing "Mirror Image"

  • Apprentice TG sequence (poll winner) DONE

  • Working on Act 1 of the Succubus Project / finishing this month

  • Pin-ups

  • Finishing a little extra TG animation (already in progress)










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