New Year, New Comics, New Way to Pay

Hello all,

Long time no updates. Sorry for the lack of updates but do I have some news for you. For all the comics I've been teasing you all with last year but are still not subscribed to the patreon.


So I've decided to put every comic in a bundle. Right now this is only available to purchase on Tgcomics.

But you may be saying right now, "Surody, I don't have any money to buy this wonderful bundle." Well here's more good news, it's a pay what you want release. Meaning you can pay $0 or $100 so everyone has a chance to enjoy this art. Now I realize that not everyone has money but for those who do I would appreciate any support as this is my main source of income.

Now that that's out of the way don't think there's no point in donating to my Patreon now.

What are these you may ask?

Check out Patreon!

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