Werewomen & Succubi Galore

Hello all,

Long time no see. I have been steadily at work and alot of new patreon exclusive work has come out so here's a quick run down:

1. Succubus Project Act 1 Part 1

It's finally out & the first act is more story heavy and set up for what's to come, which means that you shouldn't expect too much transformations. Act 2 will be heavily centered around the succubus theme and transformations. Just as a heads up!

2. American Werewoman in London

This is more a homage to American Werewolf in London though and I'll make sure that both projects feel unique. Double the load of werewoman this month I guess. :P

3. Woman by Fullmoon

Oh God, this was so much work ;w; I went a bit overboard with this one. I hope you like it. I tried to make this werewoman story a bit unique.

I want to give a status update. The poll winner comic kept me really occupied after I released the first bit of the Succubus Project Act 1. More than I anticipated, WAY more than I anticipated and I got a little bit overboard with it. I want to keep the next poll winner more short. Don't worry, I'll make the transformation detailed but in terms of story (if there will be even a real one) I have complete freedom this time around. (I'm just assuming now that " Detailed M2F transformation with POV " will win today) This means for the second Succubus Project release this month I didn't really have any time for the edits. I already got stuff pre-produced for the next bit but I have to edit it and this takes a "little" bit of time. After doing so much editing the past days I needed a break today, otherwise I'll burn out really quickly. I want to release the next Succubus Project bit in like a week or so. I'll keep you guys updated if anything changes but for now the Succubus Project is prioritized, which means the poll winner comic gets released after the next video clip.

Anyway, I'm kinda proud with the amount I released this month. A few minutes of Succubus Project and 2 comics.

Thank you for the support!

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