Update & New Patreon Comic Available

Heya guys,

it has been kinda quiet, I know. I like to be transparent and want to explain what I was up to.

I've finished another patreon comic, "The Masturbation Curse" so if you become a supporter today you can read it now.

I had for a long time now the intention to expand my skills and tools I use. The program I use so far isn't made for animating and it can get really frustrating when you want to simulate clothes, use fluid physics or whatever involves animation. For this reason I finally made the decision this month to learn Blender, especially after I saw they released a new major update just recently which makes the program really comfortable to work with. I took some courses the past 2 weeks and learned all the basics and beyond. I also want to learn sculpting to have way more freedom in terms of transformations than I have right now. Because of that I usually sculpt at least one thing a day and study anatomy to get a grasp of that. Here's some of my shitty sculpts in case you are interested: https://sta.sh/21l4vckkaodo?edit=1

I also wanted to explain why I haven't animate that much recently and I think with the stuff above it's kinda self-explanatory. The end result is fun even with my current program, don't get me wrong but the road is so bumpy and frustrating. Animating overall is already a pretty monotonous work and using a program which isn't made for animating at all is really discouraging. It didn't bother me when I started learning the program because EVERYTHING was new but with the intention to always grow as artist I feel like I'm currently hitting a brick wall. I don't plan to stop animating at any point and I'll keep doing them with my current program as long as necessary till I feel comfortable transitioning to Blender at some point. I want back to my roots and be more a animation artist than a comic artist. I feel like a lot of you guys follow and support me for that and I really feel the need to provide something of that category. Because of that I've been focusing mostly on animating these last few months. Those animations have been related to the Succubus Project. I've opened a separate category on Trello where I post daily updates on that matter since the beginning on the 1st of September. https://trello.com/b/oODXl9jj/surody-working-schedule

As always feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thank you for your support!

Here's a tease for the Succubus Project:

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