"The Obsession" is a simple story.

A guy named Jason has a sweet, stunning girlfriend named Claire.

He doesn’t want to lose her, but he’s also been obsessed with his workouts. 

Spending practically every evening at the gym… which is putting a strain on their relationship.

Jason goes in search of short-cut so that he can have it all… a ripped body and a loving girlfriend. The pills he finds on the internet seem like they might do the trick, and after popping one, the results are spectacular!

Let’s just hope there aren’t any… ahem… side effects!


"The Obsession" contains:


  •  3.5GB MP4 movie file

  • 2 Characters (+extra form)

  • More than 32 minutes run-time! (with credits)

  • Plenty sound-effects

  • Naked transformation

  • Multiple scenes 

  • Erotic scene

  • Transformation animations

  • 4:30 minutes animation total

  • More than 145 high quality iRay rendered images

  • All animation clips and unedited pages as bonus content

  • Animated speech bubbles

  • Complete man to female transformation

  • Muscle growth

  • Subtle female to man transformation (teaser)



I recommend watching all the unedited pages too. Through all the compressing, the single frame pages may lost quality.

Please use VLC-Player for this movie!!!




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