Never swim in unknown waters, you may lose something important if you stay too long...

What will happen to Brom and Merek? Will they succumb to the witches hate or will they be able to stop the evil machinations?

Anthropological Experimentation

Never trust hook up apps. You never know who you are going to meet until it is too late

The Cursed Gene

When your friend can change genders at will who wouldn't want to see that?

Fertility or Verility

When Alex goes into the doctor's office to get something to increase his fertility. He'll realize that being fertile isn't what it's cracked up to be.

The Haunted Mortuary

Respect a woman's personal space, especially a dead one's. 

The Obsession: Epilogue 

Following the events of the original obsession, it seems like not all the pills are gone and someone gets curious.

Qetesh's Reincarnation

There’s an amulet within, The Amulet of Reincarnation. Should our intrepid voyager sell the amulet to make himself rich… or should he use the amulet to make himself immortal?

Morphing Potions

A man has purchased three vials from a service called Morphing Potions. Each vial will transform him into a different kind of woman. These are temporary transformations, but can last for quite some time. Hopefully not too long?

The Masturbation Curse

Ava is a beautiful young woman, but she suspects that her boyfriend is more interested these days in beating off to the internet than fucking her. She’s got powers and a unique way to learn for certain whether or not it’s the case!

When your friend offers a new type of dope to smoke. Maybe you shouldn't just smoke it no questions asked...

Casino Bunny

When you gamble but have no money prepare to much more than clean some dishes.

Sorceresses' Bedtime Stories

Never deny a sorceress a fun time because she will ALWAYS get what she wants.

Easter Special

This is not your usual easter egg hunt. These eggs aren't filled with chocolate but something special.

First Bite

Be careful about who you take home with you, you may get more than what you bargained

Japan's Transgender Project

Just because you've been offered a free trip to Japan doesn't mean you should take it, especially if you don't read the details of the agreement.

A Sexual Exchange

Hook-up apps can be amazing as long as both parties understand why they're there for. This was not one of those times...

Woman by Full Moon

Stetson loves to spin stories as they drink… but after he begins to convey his experiences with a curseling and an addled young lady, he discovers there are stories that even he’s too embarrassed to tell.

Sister's Stuff

A sister tells her brother not to mess with any of the things in her bedroom while she’s gone for the weekend, but the instant after she closes the front door to their apartment, he’s in her room. What’s the worst that could happen?

Free Drinks

Frank likes girly drinks when he goes out… Literal girly drinks! A Lady Sunshine Special, for instance, will cause some massive changes, and, well, let’s just say Frank won’t be paying for any drinks the rest of the night.

Hipster TG

No real story, just a hipster getting an overdoes of estrogen.