"Afterlife" is a story about a guy named "Robert" who has to deal with depression caused

by separating with his girlfriend and an unsatisfying job. His depression leads him visit a therapist

who doesn't change his life in the ordinary way. 
All seems better from thereon but the real life-changer will be unpredictable.

AFTERLIFE contains :



  • 119 pages (+5 bonus pages) all 1080p iRay rendered

  • 655MB movie!

  • Innumerable amount of sound effects (no transformation sounds this time)

  • All pages available unedited as JPG's in a extra folder

  • 4 Characters total 

  • 20 minutes runtime (without credits)

  • 7 scenes ("Where's my mind?" has 3)

  • Explicit erotic scene

  • nudity

  • Visual effects

  • Really detailed transformation (45 pages transition)

  • Background music in some parts

  • No speechbubbles anymore (bar at the bottom with names and text)

  • "semi-animation" like "Where's my mind?" (further comics will have real animations as transformations)

  • Story opening (there will be more in the future in this universe)

  • Improved visual quality of the pages (compared to "Where's my mind?")



700 Points