Hey there!


First of all who am I?

I'm Surody and I work on TG art for a couple years by now.

How did I get into TG?

Well it's pretty simple. I was interested in transformation overall since I've been able to think. If I had to explain why this interest, I would answer, it's a pretty nice figment of the imagination to think about a possibility to change into someone or something and not to be bound to your birth state.

After I saw videos from "TheForgottenOne96" on DeviantArt, who's also doing TG animations with the same program, I began to learn Daz Studio and put a lot of time into it.

It's just the beginning at the moment. I have little bit After Effects background knowledge and want to build up on that right now. Further, I plan to use another 3D program, so I can take use of physics like gravity or explosions, which isn't really possible in Daz Studio. I was looking into Cinema4D in the past, maybe I'm going back to that.

“Be what ever you want, female or male, human or animal, at least you can use your mind to detach you from your physical form."

- Surody